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"I found the experience of being coached by Marie extremely positive and empowering. Even in a short session she was able to help me identify and reframe situations, opening up several practical options for resolving issues" 

Charlotte R, Product Specialist, Hedge Fund

“The way I speak about my role now is so different and I feel proud of the work I do for the first time. I feel motivated and enthusiastic again. I know what I want from my role and I believe I can achieve that.


Marie always asks the perfect questions. She poses them in a way that makes you think about things from a completely different point of view. They have been so useful in unscrambling all the thoughts I have in my head and organising them into a much clearer view. 


She gave me the strength and belief that I could get through my obstacles. And because Marie doesn’t give you advice, she asks the right questions to help you come up with the answers yourself – that way it feels like you had the answers yourself all along.


She has a natural ability to make you feel comfortable but has all the skills to help get you to where you want to be.”

G.R, Actuary, Insurance Broking

“Marie is a natural coach and is a very warm and passionate person. She has great empathy for people and I instantly felt at ease and confident with her coaching style and approach. She is not frightened to try new approaches and I felt she genuinely cared about me and the issues I brought to my coaching sessions.”

Charlotte Reich, Director, Thrive UK

"I know I still have a long way to go and that the next transition will be very difficult, but I would not be where I am today, with two jobs in an industry I am passionate about, had it not have been for Marie's help, and the confidence she instilled in me. I will never forget that and am eternally grateful. I know that my transition wouldn't have been quite so swift without her balanced guidance and helpful techniques. I am now looking forward to starting my next chapter."

Claire Y, Woman Returner

​“Following years of working in pressured jobs Marie helped me to look at how I wanted to spend my first years of retirement. She created an environment where I was able to be truly myself and I felt safe to share with her my concerns and hopes for the next phase of my life. She is an excellent listener, never judgemental and she shows great empathy, has considerable patience and strength. Through her open questions I discovered what was important to me personally and professionally. I am now clear about what I want to do going forward and I am really enjoying my new life. I wholeheartedly recommend Marie when looking for professional and personal development.”

Karin Gartzke, International Business Development Director, Ambassador Theatre Group

“I was initially dubious about undergoing coaching, but I really enjoyed the experience and quickly came to see the benefits. We explored selected topics in a lot of detail and Marie facilitated deeper discussions with insightful points and questions. Marie used different techniques, which varied the sessions and provided great value to me.”

S. Gibb, Willis Tower Watson

”I thoroughly recommend Marie to anybody who is needing some help in finding clarification and direction. She does not give you the answers but helps you to discover them for yourself."

Sam H, Woman Returner

​“Marie has been exceedingly good at helping me to identify areas I need to work on, using open questioning. She is very friendly and approachable, and when she challenged me, it was at just the right level. She had the ability to get me to think in a different way and she is very good at overviewing a situation to provide a different perspective.”

J.W, Insurance Broking

“Marie was incredibly attentive and questioned my thoughts in ways I hadn’t considered. It’s rare that you get the opportunity to discuss your career in such detail to someone and I felt comfortable talking to Marie. She also offered great reassurance when I was unsure of something and could not decide on a clear direction straight away. I was conscious of my wide range of thoughts and ideas, but always felt like she kept up and understood my passion and reservations. I never had to repeat myself from the previous session and now looking back, I can see how my goal has developed and now feels attainable.”


L.G Financial Services

​“Marie did an exceptional job and was instrumental in addressing some tricky capability and behaviour issues. I could not recommend Marie more highly.”

Sepha Brook, HR Sponsor, Willis Towers Watson

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