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"Marie is a joy to work with. I was introduced to Marie by a mutual friend who’s company had worked with Marie. At the time Sphere were looking for a coach to work with our leadership team. Marie initially worked with about 10 people at Sphere , all of whom found their time with Marie incredibly impactful. Marie has now gone on to coach around 30 members of our team and she has made such a positive difference to them all. Marie cares immensely about people and their ability to fulfil their potential. She’s an incredible listener and she is able to understand individuals and to offer them support and encouragement and to challenge them. Working with Marie quantifiably improved our performance and it gives me a great deal of reassurance to know that our team have someone who they can, confidentially, speak to in times of need. I highly recommend Marie to any business who is looking for a caring and trailblazing person to enhance the potential of the people in their teams."

Ed Steer, CEO

“Marie coached me to help build my confidence and resilience. After working with Marie I can honestly say that I can feel a marked different, as can colleagues, managers and friends. She was absolutely amazing in supporting me in finding good reflecting mechanisms and coping strategies for issues which negatively impact my confidence and resilience and created a way forward! Highly recommend her coaching! She’s amazing!"

Corinne Montefort, Principal Consultant

“My coaching from Marie was exactly as you might expect - caring, thoughtful, stretching and really, really valuable! Marie's style is engaging, very empathetic and really heart warming - which suited me perfectly. She helped me to focus on positive wellbeing (some of which was way outside my comfort zone), but didn't judge or criticise my reactions, just acknowledged that it was just good to try things. Most importantly, Marie was able to help me articulate my core values and encouraged me to set a clear plan for the future.”

Julian Chun, Director

"I have been working directly with Marie for a little under a year, and in the relatively short space of time I have worked with her, she has helped me vast amounts both personally and professionally. The level of understanding, support, and knowldge Marie, as one person has been able to lend is invaluable. She is full of useful tools, tactics, and ideas to support your goals, visions, and ideology (along with having a great library of book recommendations). I never will look at a spider diagram without thinking of her and any self-help book without reaching for my phone to ask for her opinion. Thank you for all you have been able to support me with, I cant wait to see where we both are when we next pick up to discuss my next set of goals!"

Charlotte Venner, Executive Consultant

​“I had two coaching sessions with Marie last year and they were extremely helpful. I couldn't recommend her more highly! She isa great listener and was instrumental in helping me to identifymy core strengths and what to improve on. Thank you Marie!”

Dorothea Christmann, Consultant

“I sought out help from Marie after coming to a point in my life where a felt completely lost. I could not work out why I felt so lost; why I felt something was missing from my life and why I felt constantly plagued by anxiety. With Maries’ guidance I learned so much about myself! This in turn helped me deal with personal and professional situations and decisions from a completely different perspective. I cannot recommend Marie enough, her techniques and guidance are unique and really help open your eyes to yourself.”

Sarah Smart, Managing Director

Working with Marie has helped me not only to be a better self, but it did that while providing support to overcome the challenges of a difficult period I was going through. My first feeling when meeting Marie was instant trust and that feeling grew even further as we worked together. Her presence, style, values and approach were a solid ground for me to openly share and engage. And on that basis, Marie’s amazing empathy enabled a real and deep understanding of root causes for thoughts and behaviours and led to clear objectives. Therefore solutions were easy to match and functioned very well.  I would add that the impact of these solutions has been magnified by an elaborated pragmatism and a fine choice of tools that were not only perfectly addressing the problem, but easy to use and follow, with ripple positive effects beyond the original purpose.This is perhaps the most important point I could make about working with Marie, this very good balance between tools and solutions vs interrogative exploration.  

There were also situations when particular events dominated over the original scope of our discussion. Marie’s flexibility - acknowledging that the particular situation in the moment required a change of plan, was great in helping dealing with that in the moment and therefore enabling to shift focus back on what was the originally agreed purpose. 

Usually, one feels a difference between a virtual meeting and a face to face one and I admit I had my reserves for virtual coaching. Though, even though we only met virtually, it is very difficult to put in words such a deeply engaging experience. I can only encourage anyone to get to know Marie and live their own experience. I am confident that such a journey would be great, not only because mine was, but I trusted her enough to recommend my own son working with Marie. He is on an amazing journey to be a better version of himself as well! 

 Thanks so much, Marie"

Ruxandra Nastasa, VP, GSK

​“My first ever coaching has been with Marie. I am immensely satisfied with Marie as my coach. The first meeting I had Marie I knew she is the one to coach me. Marie has skills to bring your inner-self without you realising it. Marie has excellent skill to tease out the concerns and make you think of constructive solutions, simply amazing!! I am grateful for the tools and knowledge I have received as part of my coaching. It has helped me to be calm, provided clarity and focus as well as the ability to build partnerships. I am looking forward to my next set of coaching sessions with fantastic Marie."

Neela Tirumala, Head of Information Services

“Marie has been a fantastic coach and her tips and positive can-do manner are not only a real inspiration but also provide some very practical tips to improve how you work and live. Marie really is on top of her game”


Ian Whittaker, Tech Analyst

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