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"I 100% recommend Marie to anyone looking for a coach for both performance and life. Our sessions helped me not only build confidence but left me feeling positive and energised with a clearer perspective and focus. Be really open as it only accelerates your self-development and helps you to re-align. What I found most interesting are the methods for coping with stress and how it negatively impacts all elements of your life if ignored."

Jordon Cornish, Sales and Marketing Consultant

“I sought coaching from Marie to help me with my career progression and I was beyond pleased with the outcome. Not only did she help me gain clarity around what I wanted and why, she also helped me figure out how to achieve my goals as well as gain insight into what was getting in the way of me reaching them. The whole process has been invaluable to me and I am now working with like-minded people in a fulfilling role which also aligns well with my strengths and skillset. I would definitely recommend Marie as a career coach."

Paul Higgins, Senior Manager

“Marie is a truly wonderful life coach and a joy to work with. She is an incredible listener, full of wisdom and ideas, and gently navigates you to find the answers within yourself. I cannot recommend her highly enough..”

Claire Witz, Business Advisor

"Marie is a wonderful listener and perceptive coach. Her approach is so open and intuitive and she knows how to get straight to the heart of the matter. Highly recommended."

Janet Penny, Business Owner

​“Marie always brings warmth, humour and infectious vivacity to our conversations. Gently guiding and, at times, challenging, her insight helps me to focus on what is important in life. Working with Marie has been a truly transformative experience.”

David Caney, Consultant

“Marie is an exceptional coach. I came to Marie for career coaching after an extended career break with the desire to restart my career but lacking the focus or confidence to do so. Marie listened without judgement and managed to tease out my inner most dreams, aspirations and values with patience and expert guidance. She has lead me on a path of self-discovery, helped me to understand and alter my mindset and armed me with the tools I need to make necessary changes in my life. My personal life has benefitted immensely as a result. I now have the self-confidence and focus to pursue my goals and for that I will be forever grateful. I would highly recommend Marie as a career or life coach and someone who cares deeply for what she does and the outcomes she achieves with those she works with.”

Ruth Bussey, Wealth & Investment Manager

”Marie is a wonderful coach and I would highly recommend working with her. She is kind, compassionate, warm, professional and inspiring. Marie is a fantastic listener, there is no judgement and she immediately makes you feel completely at ease and able to talk about anything and everything. Marie knows how to get you thinking, asking open questions and guiding you to gain clarity on what is important to you and helping you to reach what you set out to achieve. She draws on her own life experiences and gives you such an incredible awareness of things you’d never ordinarily think about; I have an entirely new perspective on everything. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Marie and have achieved more than I would ever have imagined I could and I am so grateful for Marie’s guidance. If you’re considering getting a coach and wondering if it’s right for you, I would say just give it a go; I don’t think you’ll regret it. I was hesitant and nervous at first, lacking in confidence but it has been an incredible experience and has unlocked confidence in me I never knew I had. I will take everything I have learnt with me through life, and will continue to learn and develop the skills that Marie has taught me."

Kristina Perry ACA, Assistant Manager

​“Marie is a respectful, great listener - working together we were able to create a 'third space' in which I could voice my insecurities and challenges with Marie acknowledging them in a way that made me feel safe to share. With her help I've understood some of my core beliefs and have created some useful practical strategies to take forward in my professional life. Highly recommended!”

Wojciech Busz, Senior Project Manager

“I worked with Marie last year and couldn't recommend her more highly. She is kind, a great listener and more, importantly, shefinds solutions or ways to make decisions that feel empowering. Thank you Marie!”


Amy Wright, Marketing Manager

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