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"Every once in a while, you come across somebody and immediately think, wow, this person is exceptional at their job - that is Marie. I am hugely grateful for everything she has taught me, both from a personal and professional perspective, and would highly recommend her."


(Dave Case: Team Leader)

"We owe it to ourselves to have the best of life we possibly can. One of the ways of achieving this is through coaching. We have all the answers within us, but sometimes it just requires a mirror to be held up in order to see them"

Marie Wright

Coaching Style


Coaching is a hugely personal thing. It can also be confronting to open yourself up fully to another human being, allowing them to rummage around inside, digging up all the things few people get to see. So why use me?

I will work with you in a warm and empathetic way to help you develop a powerful mindset so that you are able to overcome any challenges you are facing in your life, whether that be uncertainty around next steps in your career, stress and anxiety, lack of confidence, overwhelm, imposter syndrome, procrastination, decision-making, or if you simply feel stuck in certain areas of your life.


My passion is in helping you understand who you really are, as well as in supporting you to create a strong mindset, so that you have absolute clarity, peace of mind and a real sense of inner calm despite the challenges you are facing in life. This means you can prioritise what is important and respond to these obstacles in a way that aligns with your values, so you are able to make powerful choices for yourself and your family.


Most importantly, I offer a safe space where you can simply talk with someone who truly listens and hears you.


My coaching style is relaxed but supportive. I aim to put you at ease right from the beginning so that you are able to gain valuable insights and life-changing ‘a-ha’ moments, which will enable you to make clear choices, be decisive and overcome challenges in a powerful way.


Whilst sensitive and compassionate to each individual’s situation, I also bring a lot of energy, encouragement and enthusiasm to the coaching sessions which creates momentum and helps you to find clarity and solutions based on your unique circumstances and personality.



To see, hear and validate others, so we can understand and embrace our innate authentic selves, in order to feel connected, live our why, and thrive.


I imagine a world in which everyone feels seen, heard and held, and can own and align with their true authentic selves, to feel connected, fully alive and free to live their purpose.


Kindness, courage and curiosity are my 3 core values, but I'm all about freedom, playfulness and authenticity too.


A Little Bit About Me


Coaching is not about me, it’s all about you. But if you want to know a little bit about who I am, here are a few informal bits of information that hopefully give you an insight.


My friends would describe me as empathetic, enthusiastic and energetic, as well as pragmatic, calm in a crisis and compassionate. I can be earnest at times, but I also love a giggle and a good laugh.


Outside work I love doing hot yoga, the freedom of cycling on or off-road, skiing like a lunatic, and the magical feeling of sleeping under canvas whilst camping with my family. I also love open water swimming and can confess to loving an occasional skinny dip now and then – as long as there is no danger of scaring a passer-by.


I belong to the Tunbridge Wells Speakers Club and love listening to and giving speeches on a regular basis. I used to be terrified of public speaking, however in the spirit of being bold, I faced my fear head on, stepped out of my comfort zone, let go of worrying about failure and being perfect and now actually enjoy it – who knew!


Otherwise I am normally found enjoying time with my family or with my head in a book.

Career Background


I draw on my experience working within high level investment banks as a Recruitment Manager, as well as for two prominent recruitment companies, to support my clients in understanding the right career choices for them. I also understand how to establish and run small businesses, having set up and run a property search and selection company, creating a portfolio of clients and properties in London and the South of England, as well as my coaching business.


Following a parental career break to raise three children, I re-trained to become a fully qualified and accredited Executive and Life Coach. As a woman returner myself, I understand the challenges that women face when going back to work, and as a result, I am passionate about helping them find roles that are both rewarding and that also fit around family life.



Coaching Qualifications


I completed my full time Practitioner Diploma with the Academy of Executive Coaching in 2016 and undertook a part time one-year course with the Ultimate Coach Programme in 2019, which I completed mid 2020.


I love learning and read a lot of current coaching literature and books and am an avid watcher of Ted Talks to keep my ideas and coaching up-to-date, interesting and of the highest value to my clients.



Associate Roles


In addition to bold bean coaching, I hold a number of Associate roles with various organisations. I operate as an Executive, Career and Interview Coach with City CV, coaching across many hierarchies, industries and functions, as well as an Executive Coach with Unlimited Potential and Hanover, and was selected as one of the first coaches for the Academy of Executive Coaching in their brand-new Executive Coaching division. I also provide executive and life coaching to senior managers and front-line staff with NHS England and am a Transformation and Mindset Coach with Kiteline Health.

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