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"Working with Marie has been a truly enriching experience. She is so easy to talk with, a natural listener who has a wealth of knowledge and insight to draw upon. She helped me to understand the areas in which I could grow personally to help me achieve my professional goals, pushing me to be my "best self" in the kindest, most productive way and providing concrete strategies and steps for how to do that (no psychobabble here). I could not recommend Marie highly enough."

Danielle W, Manager, Pharmaceutical Company

“It's a privilege to be working with Marie. As a business owner and mentor myself I'm normally on the other side of the table. Experiencing the powerful listening, challenging and insightful approach Marie has, is inspiring. She is such a radiant, positive, encouraging and all round fantastic human being and I'd highly recommend working with her. The knowledge she has and continues to gain has put me in a much better position to navigate my life and my work and I'm grateful for that."

Mark N, Business Owner & Entrepreneur

“Marie is a wonderfully calm and empathetic coach, who uses a range of techniques to get to know you quickly, while keeping in sight the agreed goals of the sessions. She found my strengths and blockers effectively and focused me on finding working solutions to challenges. I'd recommend her generally, but if you're at a crossroads and spinning, Marie is particularly effective at steadying the compass and helping you work out what you're looking for and why..”

Nathalie E, Company Legal Secretary for the Board

"Following my final coaching session, I wanted to convey just how much I appreciate the support from Marie.  Her kindness, insight and wisdom have been hugely helpful. I've learned so much from Marie, both personally and professionally, and will always be grateful for this.."

Sam B, Commercial Lawyer

​“Engaging a personal coach is a very intimate decision. Knowing that, to get the most from the coaching you will have to openly explore your personal perceptions, feelings & behaviours, you will be looking for a coach who you can relate to and trust. You should have every confidence in selecting Marie as your coach that your experience will be enriching, rewarding and fun. I know of no other person who has the unique blend of skills, personality, life experience and compassion as Marie. She is the perfect recipe for a coach; challenging but empathetic; enthusiastic, but patient; frank & honest, but respectful & kind; professional, but humble. She’s just delightful..”

Guy Lane, Executive Director, Tenzing Ltd

“I feel that my time with Marie is defined by two themes, positivity and clarity. The longer that you know Marie, the more that you feel that all things are possible. She is also a deep listener, chiefly because she is genuinely interested in helping you find your truths but also because she has honed her natural skill sets with deep professional experience. Your world will be better for having Marie in it. Mine is..”

Lene Northwood, CEO, The Glass Ceiling Project

”My experience of working with Marie has been great. She is a really good listener who makes you feel confident about opening up to her. Her probing questions have allowed me to gain valuable insight, which allowed me to take steps in my career which I didn’t think I would. I really recommend Marie to anyone who is looking to challenge themselves to the next level."

Michelle W, Digital Programme Delivery Manager, HSBC

​“I can highly recommend Marie as a coach. She is like a breath of fresh air and her calming influence, empathy, warmth and compassion put me at ease and meant that I was able to get the most out of our sessions together. I have learnt so much about myself which has been so helpful in reaching my goals and overcoming the challenges I faced. For anyone considering working with her, you won't regret it. She is a fantastic coach. Fully recommend..”

Karen Easter, Business Owner

“Marie is an excellent listener and phenomenal coach. She exceeded my expectations by not only helping me to achieve my goals, but providing me with so much more. As the coaching progressed, we delved deeper into other areas and I gained so many insights and realisations and came away with complete clarity and confidence around the choices open to me. It was a life changing experience and I can’t recommend her highly enough.”


Gemma C, Executive Assistant

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