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"Marie is a very skilled career coach with an exceptional talent to identify your strengths. My sessions with her not only helped me to better understand my career path but also made me realise how I could apply my strengths to my personal life. Most importantly, she helped me to understand what makes me happy in life and how to move forwards ensuring that my happiness and wellbeing were at the core of any decision I make."

Erika Santonastaso: Business Director

Marie is a fantastic coach; I have worked with Marie for over 6 months now and she has been amazing!! Marie is a very calming influence and gives another perspective on struggles that I may be having in the workplace, she is informative and gives new ideas on how to tackle challenges along with helping me to work to my core values and get the most from these. I can't recommend her enough; she has changed the way in which I work and think.

Samantha O’Neill: Senior Manager

Marie gently uncovered my hidden drive & passion and helped align my ambitions and goals with what I value most. She patiently teased out the birds-nest of ideas and dreams in my head, enabling me to identify what I need to be happy and successful. Her coaching gave me the clarity and confidence to act and search with purpose. This discovery of self is what both drives and guide me in career and life decisions, it has led me to previously unimaginable opportunities. I am forever grateful.

Mags Cummings: Teaching Partner

I have worked with a number of executive coaches over the last few years and I can categorically say that Marie is the best I have worked with. More than any other coach, she has helped me immeasurably to pin down my core values and why these matter and helped identify any blockers that have prevented previous personal growth. She has also given invaluable advice for more "one off" situations or problems. I would wholeheartedly recommend Marie to help you get the most from your career and personal goals.

Will Bellinger: Managing Consultant

My time with Marie over the last year has been life changing. I can’t thank her enough. She has armed with the right tools and mindset to overcome work challenges, in what is a very demanding industry, that historically had me feeling consumed and often stressed. My coaching sessions with Marie have also had a huge impact on my personal life: dealing with trauma, pressure, and anxiety. Both personally and professionally I’ve taken so much from our sessions. So whether it be career coaching or life coaching you need, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her. When it comes to facing your fears and embracing change, it also really helps that Marie is a lovely lady, easy to talk to and truly compassionate.

Rebecca Hudson-Dowdeswell: Senior Business Manager

Marie is a wonderful coach, she is very professional, kind, and friendly. Marie has a wonderful ability to bring out the absolute best in you as a person. I have had the pleasure of being coached by Marie over the last 12 months and can honestly say she had changed the way in which I view my career. She has thought me invaluable skills which I can use both inside and outside of work. Marie is a very genuine person and cares a lot about the people she coaches. Marie has a wonderful way of uplifting you and getting you to look at your core values and your own uniqueness. I can speak for myself and my colleagues when I say Marie is one of a kind and I would highly recommend her as a coach for any organisation.

 Jamie Cox: Senior People Manager

I worked with Marie over the course of about two months and four sessions and she was fantastic! She worked with me to figure out solutions to a few problems that I was having and is extremely easy to talk to. Would definitely recommend. Thanks Marie

Daniel Bolter: Principal Managing Consultant

I strongly recommend Marie to anyone wanting to identify and achieve their goals. Contact her if you wish to uncover and develop your skills to achieve a promotion, a career change, a lifestyle change, lead your team more effectively or to become unstuck from any goal you have. I have known Marie for over fifteen years. She has repeatedly demonstrated herself to be:

  • a dynamic and calm professional

  • highly committed to clients and everything she sets her mind to

  • a warm, non-judgemental facilitator who helps others to resolve their own difficulties, and

  • a person who easily connects with others and is authentic in her interactions.


Marie is now a trusted friend. She recognises, understands and thrives in a life of competing demands and seemingly conflicting values relating to career, business, parenting, relationships, health and the other important areas of living.


She will seek to understand the obstacles you face and be able to relate to them in a way that will be helpful to you. You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain by getting in touch with her!

Dr. Janine Hayward: Chartered Clinical Psychologist

Marie is able to get to the heart of who you are, professionally, show you your strengths, transferable skills, hidden capabilities - all with humour and kindness. Then, when it’s all laid out, Marie shows you how to put it together in a concise, logical, and (most of all) truthful picture of who you are and what you are capable of. From that point your confidence will grow, and you are able to meet, interview and negotiate with confidence as you have a solid, credible, foundation. After 30+ years with a FTSE 100 company, leaving as a Senior Vice President, I had to work out where to go next. Marie enabled that.

Donald Murray: Senior Executive

After a few minutes of talking to Marie I had every confidence that I would benefit from the coaching sessions I was going to have with her. She does not only look at your professional life but also your wellbeing and offers tips and techniques that will benefit you overall. She helped me obtain clarity, identify what's important to me and identify my next steps in my career. It has been a pleasure working with Marie and I have no hesitation in recommending her. Thank you Marie!

Rena Giardina: Digital Marketing IT Director

Meeting with Marie for just five sessions made an incredible difference to me personally. Our journey dramatically benefitted my health, wellbeing and my professional growth. Marie will work with you to push your comfort zones, and as long as you’re willing to put the outputs into action – you will soon see lasting results!

Helen Meskell: Managing Consultant at GoBeyond Partners

I saw the advert for the two sessions of coaching and grabbed it as a lifeline in what is unusual circumstances. Having started my job the week before lockdown it has been interesting to learn about the organisation, culture and to get to know my colleagues virtually. Marie very skilfully helped me to think through some of the scenarios that have arisen and ways to resolve some difficult HR issues which were made worse by virtual working. She helped me to consider how I managed upwards and downwards in a small organisation where all of my colleagues have worked for many years. Being able to talk candidly to Marie and unpick situations has given me a clearer perspective on where I am now and where I need to move things including some of the boundaries that I need to put in place for both myself and my colleagues. All in all, it was a short but extremely beneficial time that I spent with Marie and I really valued it.

Stella: NHS England

I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and found working with Marie to be an absolute pleasure. Right from the first conversation we had to set up our meetings, she listened to me and was considerate of the areas I wanted to focus on. 


She has provided lots of practical suggestions and challenged my thinking in such a positive way. I am so pleased with how valuable I have found it both personally and professionally and what we’ve been able to do in a relatively short period of time.

Pam: Senior Managing Consultant

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